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A Game changing way to have Peace of Mind in Retirement –
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76% of American’s today are worried they won’t have enough money in retirement.
Are you one of them? – Forbes 2019

Are you giving your Money Away?

Our Real Estate Investing Masterclass will teach you how to safely invest in real estate deals while securing your future.  My proven results oriented system works and can help you reach the next level of wealth.


Even in a strong market the individual investor is struggling to gain ground towards securing his or her retirement.

The problem today is our current system is flawed.  The organizations in charge of investing are money our the real winners – what most people don’t realize is that the financial entities are using our money and making more return on Our money then We are.

If you have at least $100k or more invested in retirement account(s), liquid asset account(s) or sitting in a bank, this program is for you!!

Wealth Creator – Real Estate Investing Mastery

Learn To Build Wealth Faster & More Securely Than Traditional Investing

Our Master class and mentor programs help you create cash flow and build wealth passively through real estate lending. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve for retirement.  Our experienced consultants/mentors will walk along side you in our Elite Class while you learn this unique and results oriented program.   We offer a proven training system to help you feel confident so that you can create your financial freedom and retirement lifestyle you and your family deserve.


Generate greater returns than traditional investing with our results oriented proven system. Our training program and mentors provide you with the knowledge, confidence and skills you need to create wealth.


In 6 months or less as a Secured Asset Investor, you can begin to generate greater returns, faster than traditional investing.


Create your financial freedom and retirement lifestyle you and your family deserve. Join Today!

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Real People, Real Results

  • I recently entered into a business relationship with PenniZ in a most impressive and simplistic manner. Since then, Penni and I have communicated consistently and my real estate project has begun. She is a woman on a mission, with solid values, and an ability to get to the heart of your personal and altruistic goals.

    Karen P. Johnson Oceanside, CA
  • I lent to Penni twice for flips. Both transactions were excellent experiences. I was impressed by the high level of communication. She kept me informed at every step and if I had additional questions she would reply promptly. I have made many loans through the years to investors and other than paying on time, communication is one of my main criteria.  Overall great experience and moved smoothly.

    Sharon Bechtold

Let’s Put Your Money To Work

Penni trains her clients to minimize the rollercoaster ride that so many have experienced in life around finances. She believes that personal, professional and financial stability go hand in hand.  Our mission is to help a million lives by empowering them to have a voice and a choice in your financial freedom.

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